Getting Started

How to Get Started With Your Kitchen Remodel or Bathroom Renovation in Orange County, NY

Whether you have been thinking of adding a new kitchen or bathroom for years, or you realize it is just time to refresh your living environment, now is the time to take those ideas off the table and begin the start of a very exciting investment in your home for years of satisfied living. Our experienced staff at Woodbury Kitchens are here to help walk you through every step.

Contact.  Please call or e-mail our showroom to make an appointment for a relaxed, no-obligation visit to view our quality cabinet lines and to fully understand how our service and professional team of designers and builders can make your dreams a reality.

Visit Our Showroom.  For your first visit, bring plans of your home if you have them, a photo of your existing kitchen with or without basic dimensions, and any design ideas you may have collected from magazines or other sources. You will have the opportunity to view and select your cabinet style, accessories, and finish while we discuss other aspects of your project. Based upon our discussion, we will establish a conceptual budget for your project.

On-Site Visit.  Our next step would be to visit your home to measure, photograph, and document all existing conditions affected by your project. Based on the complete information gathered at this visit, we will adjust the conceptual budget to reflect any cost adjustments and develop a conceptual floor plan for the project

Showroom Meeting.  Then, we will schedule a meeting at our office to go over details and costs based upon our site visit and review of the conceptual floor plans. We will also finalize your selections for cabinet style and finish, counters, and all other aspects of your project. At the completion of this meeting, you will decide to “move ahead” or “hold until ready”.

Moving Ahead.  This is your point of commitment. We will develop color-rendered graphics of your new kitchen design, present the final cost of your cabinet selections, and make the necessary agreements for the renovations.

Complete To Order.  We will present your completed cabinet order with a tentative schedule for installation and project completion. At this time, a 50% deposit is required to place the cabinet order. If renovations are required for your project we will also present an outline of the scope of work to accompany the installation of your new Kitchen or Bath.

We can be reached at (845) 928-7930 for an appointment.